sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

mixtape 2012

01 Beck (Loser) Vs. Beastie boys (Body movin') 02 Maroon 5 (If i never see your face again) Vs. Garbage (Only happy when it rains) 03 Fort minor (High road) Vs. 3 doors down (When i'm gone) 04 Disturbed (Fear) Vs. Rihanna (SM) Vs. Beastie boys (Electrify) Vs. A million sons (Underground night music) Vs. Janis Joplin (Mercedes benz) 05 Faithless (Sun to me) Vs. Die Straits (Sultans of swing) 06 LMFAO (Champagne showers) vs. Blur (girls and boys) Vs. Fitta (Abuse) Vs. Far east movement (Like a G6) 07 Doctor P (watch out) Vs. Hawaianos (Mulher que faz gostoso) Vs. Cindy Lauper (Disco inferno) Download here: Brutal Redneck - January 2012.rar

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