sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Indiana Antwoord

Brutal Redneck mashup -- Indiana Jones (movie theme) Vs. Die Antwoord ($copie)

Agent Gaga

Brutal Redneck mashup - Agent orange (Bloodstains) Vs. Lady Gaga (Love game) Vs. Bustarhymes (I love my bitch)

Till the world get ill

Brutal eclipse

Dead Mia

Brutal Redneck mashup - Deadmaus5 (Some chords) Vs. Garbage (I'm only happy when it rains) Vs.M.I.A. (Bucky done gun) Vs. Martin Luther King (I have a dream)

Espetacular creep

Brutal Redneck mashup -- Radiohead (Creep) Vs. Carnaby street pop orchestra and choir (Hyde Park)

9pm till i wanna rock

Brutal redneck mashup - ATB (9 pm till i come) Vs. Twisted sister (I wanna rock) Vs. Bob Marley (Exodus)

Bob eyed peas

Brutal Redneck mashup mashup - Bob Dylan (Blowin' In The Wind) Vs. Black eyed peas (Get retarded)

Rockit Jonathan

Brutal redneck mashup – Jonathan Costa (Jonathan da nova geração) Vs. Herbie Hancock (Rockit)

Set me dá

Brutal Redneck mashup – House Boulevard (Set me free) Vs. Gaiola das popozudas (Quero te dá)